One of the joys that I had writing for io9 was a column that I wrote about my stormtrooper build. Week to week, I provided some updates for readers on my progress, and got to do a deep dive into what building armor, cosplay and trooping entail.

Here’s the entire series:

Building Stormtrooper Armor

Introduction to the column, with some background information on the FX/MTK armor type.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

How to go about trimming a kit.

Movie-Accurate Troopers

The finer points about film accuracy.

The Finer Details

Trimming, sanding.

Chest Protection

Approval guidelines for the chest / back / shoulders. Note: I opted to glue the front and back together, which isn’t *technically* accurate.

Arm Up!

Upper arm assembly.

Arm Up, Part II

Forearm assembly. (Plus a bit on the blaster)

Tools of the Trade

What tools I’ve been using to construct the armor.

A Leg to Stand On

Leg assembly and handplates.

Break a Leg!

Continued leg assembly, plus ammo belt / sniper plate.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

The story behind the E-11 Blaster, and how to to modify a blaster with add-ons to make it more accurate.

Belt it To Me

Stormtrooper belts, drop boxes, holster and the grenade.

Connecting All the Dots

Snap plates. Handplates and mocked up handcuffs.

Abs made of ABS

Abs plate

It’s the Little Things in Armor

Paint, Straps, etc.

Accessories and a Side Project

Undersuit, Neck seal, Gloves, Boots, and refitting my FX kit with new paint, straps and snap plates. (No more Velcro!)

Finishing Touches

Thigh cover strips, corners / edges

Buckets On

Helmet assembly, preliminary test fit.

Test Fit

Minor tweaks, donning the armor, test fit.

Storage and Care of Stormtrooper Armor

Display, storing, cleaning, etc.

Oops, I Did It Again

Anovos Armor first impressions.

What We learned About Those Rogue One Troopers in 13 Pictures

Looking at the armor from Rogue One and comparing them to the original series troopers.

Public and Safety

Prop gun safety.

Beating the Heat

Trooping safely in the summer.

The Final Lessons

Conclusions and bigger picture stuff.

Other stuff:

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