If you’re like us, you were probably impressed with Wintergatan’s fantastic Marble Music machine, which runs on 2000 ball bearings, and plays a really catchy tune. Now that the music video has gone viral, Martin Molin has released a pair of behind-the-scenes videos that show exactly how the machine works.

I really loved watching the machine at work, and I was impressed by just how complicated it was. The machine, as it turns out, is far more complicated than I’d thought. In the first video, Molin explains how the instruments, gears and programming wheel work.

He goes step by step and pulls it apart - it’s an incredibly intricate contraption, and it’s really fascinating to see just how he’s not only assembled it, but also how the sound comes together.


In the second video, he outlines just how the marbles flow through the machine, as well as the mistakes that he noticed, now that he’s completed it. There’s 30-40 things that goes wrong, he notes, but for the most part, those occurrences are rare. Still, it keeps him up at night, and at some point, it sounds like he’ll be upgrading the machine.

Finally, he shows off just how the song comes together, and it’s a really impressive sequence of events that all has to come together at the right time and in the right order.

This machine has really captivated me all week, and every time I watch the video, I’m impressed at just how he pulls it all together.

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